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Cuba Scuba Diving

Check back with us as we develop a great scuba diving in Cuba site featuring information about Cuba dive centers along with little known Cuba scuba diving sites around the island nation. We will be posting scuba diving videos from Cuba, GPS coordinates for dive sites and first hand blogs from experienced scuba divers, boat captains and scuba tour guides.


Anderson Cooper of CBS 60 Minutes flew to Cuba, drove six hours towards Jardines de la Reina then took a boat ride for six hours more to get the video as seen above.

DTCuba maintains a long list of Cuban marinas and scuba diving centers.

In the province of Pinar del Rio, Maria La Gorda offers about forty Cuba scuba diving sites and features one of the largest colonies of black coral that exists in Cuba.

Between the bay of Matanzas and the western end of Jardines del Rey, thirty two other Cuba dive sites offer unique attractions such as the cave called Eye of Mégano and Cayo Piedras del Norte, the only one of its kind in the Cuban archipelago.

Off Cienfuegos there is the coral column known as Notre Dame that is six meters high and named after the Notre Dame cathedral.

The second largest barrier reef in the world is over 400 kilometers long and runs just off shore of the Cayo Sabinal, Guajaba, Romano and Cruz islands. You will find a fascinating world of unique species of sponges, hundreds of different types of fish and more than two dozen sunken ships.

The Isla de la Juventud or Isle of Youth has the an excellent diving area that uses Hotel El Colony as a base. There is a stretch of coastline that runs for miles.

Be sure to explore Cuba diving opportunities at the these unique Cuba dive sites:

  • Black Coral Wall
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Blue Cave
  • Hidden Passage
  • Cave of the Tarpon
  • Coral Stone
  • The Jump
  • Pirate's Paradise 
  • Little Kingdom

The reefs and walls of the Cuban archipelago offers experiences for the beginner as well as for the advanced diver.

There are thirty one diving centers at 18 different zones around Cuba with hundreds of diving sites.

Cuban diving waters are pristine with very little pollution or coral destruction so there are plenty of underwater paradises to explore. You will find more than 50 species of corals and 200 species of sponges.

With average normal visibility of 30 to 40 meters, divers will find an abundance of hard corals such as brain, pillar, staghorn and elkhorn and among the soft corals, spectacular gorgonians, sea fans and plume worms.

Cuba Dive Centers and Scuba Diving Sites around Cuba

Bay of Pigs - 14 Cuba diving sites
Cayo Coco - 20 diving sites
Cayo Largo del Sur - 32 diving sites
Cayo Levisa - 15 diving sites
Cayo Sabinal
Cayo Santa Maria - 24 dive sites in Cuba
Chivirico (Santiago de Cuba)
Cienfuegos - 46 diving sites
El Colony - 56 diving sites
Faro Luna (Cienfuegos)
Guajimico Cuba dive center
Guardalavaca - 20 sites
Havana - 72 diving sites
Jardines de la Reina - 33 Cuban scuba diving sites
Marea del Portillo - 17 sites
Maria la Gorda - 39 diving sites in Cuba
Playa Guardalavaca (Holguin)
Playa Santa Lucia - 35 diving sites
Santiago de Cuba - 73 sites
Trinidad - 21 Cuba dive locations
Varadero - 32 diving sites
Villa Covarrubias

Also, be sure to see the entire list with links to all the scuba diving centers in Cuba and hyberbaric diving chambers.

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Be sure to read the Travel Section at the Havana Journal and the Cuba Vacation Forum for interesting stories about Cuba scuba diving vacations

Yacht cruising rules and information for private yachts with plans for entering Cuba

Photo of Ernest Hemingway's Pilar boat in Cojimar Cuba outside of Havana

You might find more information about scuba diving in Cuba from Jardines Del Rey,, Cayo Largo Del Sur or this Cuba scuba diving map.


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